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EGD International offers the following services:


What we do

3D design service 

Augmented building design

  • 3D rendering services with space planning & scanning abilities

  • 2D onto 3D floor plan creation

  • Augmented reality design presentation, used for presenting proposed real-time renovations and new construction through handheld devices or head-mounted display

  • Development of pre-planning consulting and marketing services

  • Creation to completion of projects within days not weeks; fast and creative conceptual designs that meet our clients' needs

  • Provide innovation services to all our clients

  • EGD International LLC can deliver using   a range of platforms like:

  • AutoCad, Revit

  • ArchiCad

  • Microstation

  • 3DMax, Sketchup

  • Augmented reality walkthroughs

  • 20-20 interior design 

  • Photoshop and more

We provide commercial retail build-out and design presentations for renting or selling properties. How do we create a winning presentation? EGD creates 3D modeling and 2D renderings to show potential buyer real estate properties, creating ideas for interior and or exterior space that meets the buyer’s needs. 


Work Processes


We set up a systematic procedure, when working with our clients, to guarantee customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of projects.


Project Team Assignment


A team assigned based on the client’s requirements. The team is composed of project coordinator, QA Officer, Team Lead, and CAD Designers.


Coordination Methodologies


A project initiation meeting is required before beginning the project. During this meeting, a project coordinator is assigned. Periodic progress meetings are held, based on agreement, through video conference, teleconference, and email.


Quality Checking and Assurance


Project progress quality checks are completed 3-days before the milestone submission to the client. The initial check is completed by the Team Lead and the follow-up checks are at the QA Officer level.

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the most talked-about technology trends in construction today. EGD 3D model renderings create none existing views and new ideas, displayed using augmented space and renovation ideas. Using an advanced camera and sensor technology, AR combines one’s physical surroundings with computer-generated information and presents it in real-time. (see video below) AR is a service we offer, allowing our client to visit the site and see the building in real-time, on the lot or location, or conduct a walk-through of the designed construction via a new interactive experience.  AR is the number one tool used to help construction teams drive efficiency and accuracy, and enhances overall confidence in projects. This improved efficiency is accomplished by combining digital and physical views;  therefore, aiding realtors, investors, developers, and community developers in a profit increase of up to 70%. 


EGD International, LLC represents the client and provides its clients with excellent services. Our teams are selected to custom fit our clients' needs and concerns for each project we develop.

The EGD design team renders floor plans and 3D views showing many possibilities. The ability to view ideas and concepts of their retail space location, arrangements of fixtures and floor plans, with space planning augmented reality walk-throughs, puts the client at ease. Our teams are designed to provide AIA services and general contractors are onsite to monitor and control total completion of the projects. 

In regard to real estate, 57% more retail properties and retail spaces are sold or rented when using 3D design technology. This powerful tool allows for faster results and a clear visual understanding of space and construction. Our services can be integrated with other design platforms to present a complete renovation of commercial or residential interior / exterior space design.

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